chatland design

Armed with a respectable 2:1 degree in graphics from a provincial art college

and a portfolio that was   not too shabby and showed some promise, I confidently embraced the creative workplace in the '80s, well, so I thought.

Thatcherism was taking hold, recession was in full swing so buoyant optimism waned for a while until,  with a bit of luck and a  helping hand, opportunities in publishing and then advertising in the Metropolis added work experience to the CV and more importantly, contacts.


Taking on freelance work whilst working part time meant that a burning desire to be 'my own boss' came to fruition when, in the early '90s Chatland Sayer (latterly Chatland Design), was formed with a work colleague in Primrose Hill.


In all honesty, it was not   the most promising start, work was hard to come by, budgets were small and overheads just about serviceable, but we worked through economic adversity and with a more positive feeling sweeping the country in the mid '90's,    we survived.


We worked hard to develop our client base and under PROJECTS I've compiled

a visual list of clients I have worked for so I no longer have to waffle on.


Hope you enjoy and if I     can help with any of your design requirements please

go to CONTACT and get       in touch.


Nigel Chatland